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Innerbloom: Finding True Inner Happiness & Creating Your Best Life

What does your best life look like to you?

Are you ready to start living it?

If you guys have been following me on any of my social media platforms, then it's no secret that my second self-published baby Innerbloom launches on Amazon today! I wanted to give you guys a little peak into why I wrote this book and a little bit about the writing process I went through while creating it.

Innerbloom is a personal development/memoir hybrid of how I changed my life after getting sober to make it into my best life possible, one that was full of true, authentic inner happiness and light. If you have followed my story at all, then you know that sobriety forced me to face everything about the way I had been living my life head on. I was an emotional trainwreck, I fell apart, and hit many rock bottoms emotionally and mentally. But it also set the stage for me to rebuild my life into one that was brand new from the pieces that it had been smashed into.

Sober as F*** was my first self-published book, and to be completely honest with you... it was much easier to write my memoir than it was to write Innerbloom. Although writing the memoir of my journey in the beginning of sobriety was one of the hardest things I've ever done emotionally, Innerbloom forced me to make huge changes in my life and challenge everything about my life that I possibly could. You know the things about your life that you know you should probably face and change, but you push them off to another time? I forced myself to step up to each and every one of them. I forced myself to make the difficult changes. I forced myself to cut the things from my life that I needed to remove from it to make it better, no matter how hard that was to do. There was no way for my to write a book like this without actually experiencing every little thing I wanted to write about. It I didn't, I would just come off like the biggest phony in the world. Who was I to tell everyone else how to change and live their lives if I wasn't actually doing it myself?

What Innerbloom turned into is one of my most prized possessions. A lot of people shared in my story when I released Sober as F***, but with this book I knew it had the potential to reach many more people whether they dealt with issues with alcohol or not.

You don't need to have past struggles with alcohol or drugs to relate to this book. Innerbloom was created to be an inspirational, uplifting, and motivating book that leaves people hungry to create their own best life possible. It is for anyone that wants a life full of more positivity, happiness, and light. It is for anyone that wants a life full of love. It is for anyone that wants to look forward to every day of their life, not just the special ones marked on the calendar. I wanted to create this book to be for everyone out there looking to upgrade and uplevel their own life.

I wanted to show people that anyone has the power to create the life of their wildest dreams, they just need to go out there and start doing it! I hope that every one of you uses this book to create your life into one that is so full of happiness, love, and light that it is indescribable at times.

I hope you bloom.

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