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I Don't Have a Valentine, So I Bought Myself a V-Day Spa Package .

So I'm 28 years old, single as f***, & the only kisses I'll be waking up to on Valentine's Day will be from my long-haired chihuahua Kaya. Bumble and Tinder have not sent me the love of my life just yet (Shocker, I know), so this Valentine's Day I will certainly still be a party of one. I haven't had an actual boyfriend on Valentine's Day in years... And the last one I can remember had me drive an hour to his place during a semi blizzard in Michigan, only to be surprised by an assortment of chocolate bars I'm pretty sure he got for $1 at Aldi, some random individually sold mini bouquets like the ones you see at a gas station , & something he was already selling on his Etsy store but tried to convince me he made "just for me". As you can imagine, an argument proceeded where I accused him of not planning anything for me and going out to buy these things while I was literally on my way there. He would probably still deny it to this day, but based on how the majority of our relationship went I'm pretty sure I was spot on with my assumptions. Let's just say the standards were set quite low for me in recent years when it came to the big V-Day.

I haven't been spoiled for Valentine's Day in YEARS by a significant other. My mother usually likes to be cute and get me a little V-Day basket filled with some dark chocolate, practical essentials like deodorant, & a yummy new candle for my place (you know how much us ladies love Bath & Body Works). I always appreciate that she goes out of her way to make sure I have some sort of gift on Valentine's Day, even if it is coming from my own Mom. I think she and I both know deep down that I never foresaw myself still being single at this age, so she tries to help sugar coat it for me just a bit (or maybe she just pities me, haha). In all honesty, it really doesn't bother me much that I don't have someone making me a romantic candlelit dinner surrounded by rose petals. I've grown to be so independant and self sufficient at this point in my life journey that I'm not as fixated on trying to meet someone as I used to be. I've come to the realization that it's just not my time to settle down, get married, & started a family yet... and I know that when I do I will be more than ready. But this does mean that while all of my friends are sharing special occasions like Valentine's Day with their husbands, boyfriends, & fiancés... I will be spending it solo. Which is someone I've learned does not need to be a bad thing!

Seriously, it's an incredible time to be a woman right now, whether you are straight, gay, transgender, bisexual, single, dating, or married. We legit have entire dating apps where WE the females have the power of choosing who we want to message, and the men cannot contact us unless we initiate the message first. Kudos to whoever invented Bumble, because we no longer have to filter through 20 messages a day from creepy guys typing out the most raunchy, vulgar, and disrespectful things you would never want someone to say to your own daughter. But really, being a woman today is extremely liberating. I mean think about it... we just had MILLIONS of females come together in the streets INTERNATIONALLY just to stand up for women's rights. Whether you supported the march or not, you have to admit it was a pretty powerful sight to see. Today's women are strong. Today's women are unstoppable. Today's women are taking action... and doing things for themselves.

So back to Valentine's Day... I've been saying "I want to go get a massage" for weeks recently, but always try to rationalize with myself that I could use that money for something more important. Now let's be clear that I am all about treating myself on the regular. These nails are always done, I always have fresh flowers in my place, & I don't ever deprive myself of the newest makeup palette at my Ulta. For some reason splurging on a massage is just not something I do normally, it just feels like an "extra" in a way... or maybe it just makes me feel like I'm being "extra" to be getting massages regularly. But, as usual, the Universe always has its way of stepping in to grab the steering wheel away from my hands to give it a quick jerk in the direction I should be going in. While leaving work last night I did a quick scroll through my emails on my phone while I was getting my stuff together to leave. "Valentine's Day Specials" was in the subject line of an email from a place I had bought a Groupon for a massage at over this past summer. I smiled and said 'Ok Universe, you win!' as I opened the email to see some truly amazing deals that anyone would be crazy to pass up. I joked with a coworker about it like 'OMG, I'm totally doing this' as we left work. I was on the phone talking to my Mom during my drive home and told her about it and she just straight up said 'TREAT YOURSELF'! So I shot over an email to the girl I had seen for my massage last summer telling her I was buying myself the spa package for Valentine's Day.

I will be enjoying an hour-long massage complete with a facial treatment, foot treatment, & a package of chocolates, and I absolutely cannot wait! Do I feel silly about buying myself a Valentine's Day Spa Package? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Why should we wait for someone else to come along to buy us something to spoil ourselves and make us feel special? Some may think it is silly, but I feel pretty damn empowered that not only am I going to bask in all the relaxing glory of my hours worth of spa services, but that I bought all of it for myself. Obviously I would love if someone surprised me with an amazing gift like this, but just because I don't have a significant other doesn't mean I have to wait for one to have a spa day all to myself. I absolutely do not need an excuse to treat myself to something special, and neither do any of my other ladies out there! So whether it Valentine's Day, a special treat for meeting a goal you set for yourself, or a random Wednesday you just feel like treating yourself like the queen you are.. Buy yourself the Valentine'es Day Spa package (or whatever else) you deserve, and enjoy every damn minute of it! xx .

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