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Who am i?

So I'm your not-so-typical Millennial female residing in the Detroit suburbs. While I started out getting a Cosmetology License and a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood, clearly that path took a very different direction for me. I should have known from a young age when I started a massage business at the age of eight years old, complete with credit cards I made on Greetings Workshop and a price chart made with crayons and computer paper, that I was bound to run my own show in life. I was custom coloring and selling hair extensions on Ebay and Etsy as "Trashy Pink Bow Extensions" in High School. I was bound to leave my mark and blaze my own trail eventually in life, it just took a while for me to figure my shit out.

I am an Entrepreneur and the owner of 24Luxe Hair & Makeup LLC & 24Luxe Beauty Bar in Downtown Flat Rock. MI. What started as a Business being run our of my one-bedroom apartment is now a multiple six-figure business in the Detroit suburbs. We are an award winning company, holding the awards for the "Couples' Choice" and "Best Of" Awards for the Detroit area for the past eight consecutive years, as well as being Voted Top 5 in Detroit by Channel 4 News. I have been making Youtube videos since 2013 featuring product reviews, beauty tutorials, lifestyle favorites, and sobriety videos. 


Oh yeah, did I mention I'm sober? Sober as F*** as of May 25th, 2015 and pretty damn proud of it. If you knew me prior to then, you probably knew how much I liked to drink and party. After a life changing experience that almost took my life, I decided to clean up my life and rid it of alcohol. IT. CHANGED. EVERYTHING. 


Sobriety led to my rediscovering myself and building my life into my best life possible. It led to the series of Youtube videos I shared documenting my progress for the world to watch, which now have hundreds of thousands of views. It led to the creation of my first blog, It led to my writing and self-publishing my first book, Sober as F*** on my two-year anniversary clean from alcohol. Sobriety gave me the opportunity to not only have a fresh start in my life, but to have a story and a gift that I could share with others. With this gift I have since gone on to self-published Innerbloom, Sober as Fuck: The Workbook, the Her Best F***ing Life Planner & Workbook and most recently Thirty As F***: 30 Things I Learned During My Quarter-Life Crisis, and more!


I started my raw, honest, female empowerment-focused podcast Her Best F***ing Life on both iTunes and Stitcher, which is a motivation-packed weekly show hosted by yours truly. My most recent career path has been becoming a Mindset Transformation & Sobriety Coach, and I absolutely love having the ability to use what I've been through to coach and help other women. 


Don't worry, while there is a little bit of a focus on sobriety on the website, it won't be the main focus. I wanted to create this central location for all of my friends, followers, subscribers, and readers to be able to find all of my content in one spot!

Thank you guys for your support now & always. YOU guys are the reason I am here, doing what I'm doing... And I couldn't be more grateful for that. 




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