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You're Allowed to Have a Bad Day .

Scroll through anyone's Instagram feed or Facebook timeline and I guarantee its all smiles and photos showing off their latest vacation or their perfect relationship. You know exactly what I'm talking about, because it's all we see all day. But you know what, IT AIN'T REAL. Well maybe for some extremely small percentage of people life is a walk in the park, but for the other 99% of us... that's just not the way the cards of our lives are dealt. Life is hard, shit goes wrong, and sometimes you just wanna eat pizza in your sweatpants while binge watching 2 seasons of Stranger Things because you need a night off from life. Trust me, I've been there... probably more times than I'd like to admit.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't like showing people that side of myself. I absolutely fall into the trap of turning my social media feed into a highlight reel of my life, one perfectly edited photo at a time. But you know what? The sun doesn't always shine out of my ass, and things don't always go right. And everyone that scrolls through my timeline should know that. I struggle, I doubt, I regret, and I always feel like I could be doing something more. I have days where I am just in an absolute & total funk. Call it a gift or call it a curse, but those of us that like to hustle the most are usually the ones that struggle with this the most. But I'm here writing this to tell you that IT'S ABSOLUTELY OKAY.

You are absolutely entitled to have a shitty day. When the weight of the world is piling up on your shoulders and nothing seems to be going right, BREAK DOWN. When you have PMS and the only thing calling your name is a bowl of Mac n' Cheese, EAT IT. When you are holding back the hurt and acting like you're over your ex when you're really not, CRY (with an ugly cry face than could rival Farrah's on Teen Mom). When you're feeling worthless and someone tells you you're not good enough, SCREAM. When your body aches and you have no energy to keep going, SLEEP. You owe no explanation to anyone for having a day that just isn't your best. You must accept the fact that these days are going to happen, you will react to them (because we are human), and that you cannot avoid them (most of the time).

Embrace your shitty day. If I'm having one of those days or I find myself in a funk, I often plan and look forward to fully embracing the rotten 24 hours I've been handed. I will think about what delicious meal I want to cook (or just pick up some unhealthy carryouts if I'm really trying to bask in the shittiness), and I will cuddle up on the couch in my comfiest pajamas with my big blanket and my long-haired chihuahua and plan out my next Netflix binge. That's right, I fully bask in the shittiness of my bad day. Because you know what? It's only 24 hours. 24 hours to ponder what went wrong and how I will do it differently next time. 24 hours to feel unloved after the guy you've been seeing shows his asshole side. 24 hours to feel like you could have done more when a project you've been working on crashes and burns. 24 hours that will always pass, even when it feels like it won't.

So why should you embrace these bad days? Because you never grow as a person when everything goes perfectly as planned. You gain strength when you crash and burn. You gain confidence when you fully identify and embrace your flaws . You gain resilience when you learn to roll with the punches after you've been punched repeatedly. With every shitty thing that happens in your life, you grow. So hurt, cry, scream, break down into pieces... Let it push you to that point where you almost break. What you gain after pulling yourself free from the quicksand of a bad day is an absolutely bittersweet gift. Because once those 24 hours pass the sun will rise again. A brand spanking new 24 hours with your name on it. 24 hours to do whatever your wildest dreams desire. A brand new 24 hours to fucking SLAY. xx .

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